Maria Nockin, – May 25, 2009


Joseph Hu was a memorable Goro who would have been happy to help Butterfly out of her predicament if she had listened to him.


Madama Butterfly with Vancouver Opera

  Elissa Poole, The Globe and Mail - May 30, 2010  
  Other roles were all beautifully sung, from … to Joseph Hu’s slick and self-serving marriage broker, Goro.  

Nabucco with San Diego Opera

  Maria Nockin, – Feb. 25, 2010  
  Joseph Hu, was a splendid Abdallo  
  Kenneth Herman, – Apr. 18, 2010  
  As Gaston, tenor Joseph Hu sounded fresh and vibrant  

Rigoletto with San Diego Opera


Maria Nockin, – Apr. 25, 2010


Joseph Hu as Borsa … were energetic and convincing courtiers.


Madama Butterfly with Arizona Opera


Maria Nockin, – Feb 25, 2007


The Marriage Broker, as played by Joseph Hu, provided just the right amount of levity.


Turandot with Dayton Opera


Opera News – Nov. 2008


Ping, Pang and Pong (Kyungmook Yum, Jin Ho Hwang, Joseph Hu) were so seamlessly blended, so similar in sound, so fine-tuned in ensembles as to be united as one remarkable voice….


Madama Butterfly with Israel Opera


Ury Eppstein, The Jerusalem Post – Apr.15, 2007


Joseph Hu's antics as Goro were amusing


Turandot with Memphis Opera


Christopher Blank, The Commercial Appeal – Oct. 16, 2007


Ping (Scott Guinn), Pang (David Hamilton) and Pong (Joseph Hu) … they deliver touching performances.


Die Zauberflöte with Nashville Opera


Nashville Tennessean – May, 2003


Tenor Joseph Hu in the demanding role of Prince Tamino… Hu’s light touch and his interaction with soprano Susan Tilbury (as Pamina, his love interest) are a calming presence in this sometimes hyperactive show.

  Joseph Hu made a beautiful vignette of Harlequin’s serenade.  
  Madama Butterfly with Cincinnati Opera  

Opera News – May, 2001


Joseph Hu’s assertive Goro provided a welcome distraction from the static stage picture.


I Pagliaggi with Opera Delware


Opera News – May, 2000